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Theological Reflection


A reflective practice of ministry can ‘bear fruit’ in various ways.

  • It can lead us towards greater clarity about both our expressed and our operationaltheology, and to resonance and dissonance between them.

  • It can help us attend to the experience of self and other with greater clarity.

  • It can help us express and enact a renewed operational theology that keeps of forming with new insight.


These papers reflect some of these interests, and the way they are explored in ministry contexts:

“The Road to Zagreb – A theologically-reflective study in formation for pastoral care”
Mrs Fran James. RN(Div. 1) RM B.Min. Dip.Th.(Miss) M.Min.(cand.)
at (1.6Mb .pdf file)

“The Role of Personal Experience in Theological Reflection” Rev. Gordon Wild M. Theol (cand.) B.Theol, Adv. Dip. Min., Dip. YthWk.

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